There is no age limit or age requirement in order to get treated at the Swiss Spine Clinic. Dr. Gugerli treats babies that are a week old up to seniors.

It is only after a thorough exam that Dr. Gugerli will decide if a treatment plan is recommended, if further examination needs to be performed, or if the patient needs to be referred to a different facility.

Athletes, pregnant women, children, adults and seniors are welcome at the Swiss Spine Clinic.

Each treatment is determines on an individual basis and adapted to the needs of each patient.

WHAT (Conditions)

Back pain (neck, lower back, pain between shoulder blade)

- herniated discs, disc problems

- sciatica (pain in lower limb)

- leg, arm pain

- headache, earache

- jaw/facial pain (TMJ)

- shoulder, elbow, wrist pain

- hip, knee, ankle pain

- tendonitis (tennis /golfer’s elbow etc.)

- dizziness, tinnitus (ringing in the ear)

- carpal tunnel syndrome

- frozen shoulder/periarthritis

- auto accidents/whiplash injuries

- sports injuries

- work related injuries/personal injuries

- arthrosis/arthritis

- chronic pain /fibromyalgia