Injuries (Automobile, PI, Sports, Work)

Automobile accidents: If you have been involved in an automobile accident, First call the police and have a proper police report filled out. Then, call your insurance company in order to set up a claim. Finally call the Swiss Spine Clinic in order to have Dr. Gugerli perform a physical examination to help you decide if you need care.  Dr. Gugerli specializes in traumatology and can help you further investigate your health or refer you to someone who can.

Tips about Automobile Accidents:

Always keep in mind that if an insurance company recommends another doctor, they probably work with them, or indirectly for them! Far too often insurance companies focus on money and not the patient’s health! Try not to talk to the other party’s insurance company regarding your condition. They are interested in offering you quick settlements without giving you the chance to have your injuries treated or may dismiss your injuries if not medically reported. Always remember that you may not know what the long term consequences of your injuries are. Some settlements might sound very attractive initially, but if you add up all your medical bills, in the long run you might end-up losing a lot. The more the insurance company tries to settle, the more you should proceed with caution, because they are trained on how to reduce your payment and tricks on how to settle low, and quickly.

You will only receive proper compensation for your MVA (Motor Vehicle Accident) injuries, if they are being treated and properly documented. Poor documentation can harm you, so make sure your doctor is up to date using compliant documentation techniques. Follow your doctor’s treatment plan and do not miss any scheduled appointments, because it might affect your compensation. Because the doctor is responsible for care and in charge of your treatment, he the only one qualified to assess if you have adequately recovered from your injuries. Do not let any insurance companies or cross-medical examiners tell you the opposite. They are interested in saving money, and not in restoring your health.

Automobile accident facts:

Always remember the following facts about Whiplash injuries:

- most injuries occur at speeds below 12 MPH
- most vehicles sustain no or minimum structural damage
- 50% of vehicles involved in low speed rear impact collisions sustain no damage
- there is no correlation between vehicle damage and severity of injury

Sports injuries / Personal injuries (PI):

​Sports and personal injuries follow the same rules as those related to motor vehicle accidents. Therefore, a benign fall does not necessarily mean that the injury is benign too. So please do not hesitate to contact the Swiss Spine Clinic in order for the doctor to determine if treatment or additional investigation is necessary. When it comes to sports injuries, Dr Gugerli has treated many athletes including: runners, bikers, swimmers triathlets, soccer players, skiers, cross-country-skiers, hockey players, tennis players, golfers, and motor-cross athletes. He works closely with surgeons, orthopedists, physical therapists, occupational therapists, and other specialists to help ensure your care is complete.

Work related injuries:

If you are injured at work, contact your supervisor immediately. They will provide you with the necessary forms in order to document your injury. They will let you know how to proceed in order for you to be checked at the Swiss Spine Clinic.  Do not be afraid to ask for a Change in Physician form if you feel uncomfortable with your primary treating physician so that you can elect another doctor and ensure your claims are covered properly.