At the Swiss Spine Clinic, we believe that a healthy life style begins during childhood. Children (from infants to young adults) should be checked regularly as they grow in order to identify, correct or prevent future problems. Performing regular checkups will help them reach their ultimate health potential.

When should the parents have their kids checked?

As soon as possible after birth
• In event of a traumatic birth, difficult delivery, vacuum, C-section, large baby
• If your baby cries all the time
• If the baby always keeps his/her head turned in the same direction.

At a few weeks of age:
• If your baby suffers from colic, regurgitation, chronic ear infections;
• If your baby is fussy, doesn’t sleep well, or sleeps in a non conventional position;
(head tilt or unconventional body posture)

At the age of one and older:
• Your child doesn’t walk or is an early walker;
(went directly from sitting to standing, usually before the age of one);
• Your child crawls like a crab;
• Your child walks on his toes without touching the floor with his heels.

After major falls, always have your children checked. After minor/major falls, notice if your child has had a change in their behavior (becomes fussy, irritated, sleeping problems, bed wetting, stomach pain). Your child might not be in pain, so watch for other signs that tell you that they need care.

At age 5 and older:
• Check for static and dynamic problems: flat feet, knees touching together while walking,
walks with one or both feet turned inwards, or one knee always rotates inward
while walking
• Check the shoulder blades: is one or both sticking out, or the shoulder blades are not at
the same height), is one shoulder higher than the other one (scoliosis)

Have your child checked at the Swiss spine Clinic, if he or she:
• Has growing pains
• Is going through dental/orthodontic treatments
• Is having difficulty concentrating, suffers from dyslexia or speech problems, is hyperactive
• Is suffering from poor equilibrium, falls all the time
• Is experiencing lasting joint aches (over 2 days)

Summary of the Conditions:
• Colic, recurrent otitis
• Torticollis (wry neck)
• Sleep disturbances
• Bed wetting
• Growing aches
• Memory/concentration difficulty
• Hyperactivity
• Any type of tendinitis
• Sports related injuries
• Any pain lasting for more than 48hrs without reason
• Headaches
• Bad posture