The purpose of the Swiss Spine Clinic is to improve and restore normal motion in your spine or limbs. At our clinic a global approach is often indicated in order to determine the underlying problem. Remember, the location of your pain is not always an indicator as to the origin of the actual problem.  Pain is a symptom. Treatment at our office will decrease or eliminate the symptoms that made you seek care (pain), and improve the underlying condition.  We do this by implementing a variety of techniques and rehab equipment.  The restoration of motion will be obtained by using some of the following therapies:

- gentle spinal and extraspinal adjustments (techniques adapted to each patient needs)

- cranial technique – trigger point therapy, soft tissue work

- spinal decompression (Sambuma) there are only 2 of these units in the world!

- active lumbar or active cervical spinal traction (only a few clinics worldwide use this technique)!

- passive lumbar or cervical traction

- cryotherapy (active/passive), heat therapy

- ultrasound , electrostimulation, electrotherapy, paraffin bath

- active exercises, active stretch, intrinsic muscle stimulation

- basic nutrition

- orthotics

- ergonomics

The Swiss Spine Clinic is also proud of its new digital Xray imaging system.  This system enhances image quality thus significantly reducing the patient’s exposure to radiation.  In addition, patient’s images are stored digitally for ease of access, and expedition of medical records when duplicates are request from the patient.